Friday, 1 March 2013

Its been some time now that we haven't posted something and thats because we want to give everything with a hit!

So we are so happy to inform you that the following things will happen with in the next months.

Firstly our first solo EP on 12'' via Phonograph Label in Berlin available after 5th May on every good record store next to ya! So pleasedddddd!x

Next one is surely a one to watch we are releasing on Visionquest Records with our good friends
Sidensticker and Salour on they're Moonlight EP out on March!Big Ups!

We are also happy for some duo performances 9 of march in katerholzig in berlin and at 4 of april on Batofar paris

And 30 april on Cookies in Berlin alongside Gummihz And Ekkohaus!

More to come with in this months as we get physical and more to come!

Square Love!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Debug Magazine Review

Debug Magazine review on our release at Claap Records with GummiHz and Ekkohaus. Enjoy

Sunday, 12 August 2012

End of summer

Its the end of the summer in berlin and things are getting  hotter?  day by day...
there is one more reason why we cant keep our shirts on and its coming directly from our speakers!

Soon out

Square Room Heroes - Want You

Feat. Guido Schneider And Nico Stojan Remixes

12inch and digital

Thursday, 2 August 2012

A Time For Heroes

Square room heroes are back on Claap with their debut EP titled “Crashed detail”.After their first appereance last September on “Claap presents…” (CLAAP005), George and George, have been busy developing new material. The tracks featured on this record comprise mainly of works from Thessaloniki’s native George Boronas. Crashed detail with an enchanting string arrangement captivated label head GummiHz who rushed to provide a powerful and dramatic interpretation of the original. We are also very excited to have a remix from one of the grooviest househeads around, none other than Ekkohaus. With a string of releases on labels like Moon Harbour, Liebe Detail and Morris Audio to name only a few, Kostas Tassopoulos has established a signature sound full of swing and shake! His remix does exactly that! Ekkohaus takes the stabs and chord arrangements to another level over his characteristic swinging beats. On the flip side, “Pitch the feelings” is rough ‘n’ tough funk reminiscent of early 90s beefy sampling. SRH’s Boronas has chopped a funk groove up to the point of delirium in an effort to pay his dues to influences like those of dj Sneak and Carl Craig. Essential stuff!

Also big welcome back to europe and Berlin for george and the Delkos family!

The Heroes