Friday, 1 March 2013

Its been some time now that we haven't posted something and thats because we want to give everything with a hit!

So we are so happy to inform you that the following things will happen with in the next months.

Firstly our first solo EP on 12'' via Phonograph Label in Berlin available after 5th May on every good record store next to ya! So pleasedddddd!x

Next one is surely a one to watch we are releasing on Visionquest Records with our good friends
Sidensticker and Salour on they're Moonlight EP out on March!Big Ups!

We are also happy for some duo performances 9 of march in katerholzig in berlin and at 4 of april on Batofar paris

And 30 april on Cookies in Berlin alongside Gummihz And Ekkohaus!

More to come with in this months as we get physical and more to come!

Square Love!

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